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Gouri Devi Nursing Academy (GDNA) is running since 2013 with esteemed reputation.  At GDNA we focus on the empowerment of the students to transform into a distinctive entity having positive mind-set with vibrant outlook capable of creating a mark in the professional world.

Education is a long term learning procedure. It continues in every pre-designated institution like school, colleges in formal and in home by informal manner. Therefore the objective is to impart learning atmosphere and openings to the novice learners.

Shaping those ingenuous youth mind is one of the life’s toughest endeavors. Our distinct educational program, industry adaptable curriculum, technically & digitally facilitated infrastructure and advanced teaching techniques inspire and motivate students. The experience they gather through various practical, learning methods, industry orientation and technical programs help them to identify their unique potential which enables them to conquer the world. As a result they develop critical thinking and learning through inquisitiveness and logical reasoning to become a key personal with social values and proper accomplishment in near future.

The definite and distinctive underlying philosophy of Gouri Devi Nursing Academy is to provide holistic approach of comprehensive education to the future generation playing a pivotal role in nation building. Our aim is to build up a society comprising of progressive thinking individual who can further contribute to global community in terms of intellectuality, joy and happiness. I invite you all to be part of Gouri Devi Nursing Academy family where dream converts into reality.


Name of the course
B.Sc in Medical Laboratory Technology / Critical Care Technology / Operation Theater Technology
Bachelor in Hospital Administration
Master of Hospital Administration

Fee Structure For Paramedical :-

Documents for Paramedical Admission

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B.Sc in Medical Laboratory Technology / Critical Care Technology / Operation Theater Technology /

Bachelor in Hospital Administration

Master of Hospital Administration

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